Drug Testing

Part of out 149 to 0 program

149 Australians died in workplace accidents in 2018. Some of these were from Negligence (the victims or the employers) and some of these were because the employee/victim was impaired by drugs.

Our breathalysers and field drug testing kits are compliant with Australian Standards for drug/alcohol testing. The indicator tests you buy from a pharmacy may not be. Furthermore, our staff are formally trained and certified to perform drug and alcohol testing

We are partnered with QML Pathology, a NATA accredited laboratory, who perform all confirmatory testing through a Mass Spectrometer.



So many '1 man show' drug testing bodies will just do an indicator test and declare that 'this person was on drugs'.

This is not fair to the worker, in accordance with industry practice or even legal (would be seen as defamation).

We wait for a proper laboratory test to say a worker is on drugs before we would say that is the case. And that may reveal the drugs aren't even illicit. The test to the left? That's the workers ADHD mediacation

We have years of experience providing medical staff to sites on a relief, casual or permanant basis.

A fully equipped ambulance with an officer can be on your site for as little as $96,000/year 

Onsite Medical

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