Since 2014 Paramedical Services Australia has been a leading provider of First Responders, Ambulance Officers, Paramedics and Doctors for the mining, event and industrial sectors.

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We keep all records in accordance with the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. Our first patient care records were completed 2014 and they will be retained until at least 2021.

Not all private services are in compliance with the records act meaning if you need the documents for insurance, they would be unavailable.

My daughter has been suffering from an eating disorder for the past 3 1/2 years and the serviced that she received from Daniel and Heather on the 28/4/18 was the most professional and caring of all.


Both she and myself felt the most relaxed. All aspects of care were explained to us in a way we could understand and I being a Mum of a very sick young girl felt at ease and completely trusting in the care that was administered.


Daniel and Heather were extremely professional and caring at all times, my daughter felt 110% comfortable with Heather which is a great testimony to Heather as she has been in and out of both ambulance, emergencies and hospitals for the last near four years and Claudia has never felt more at ease as she did with Heather, on that note no one has ever explained the procedures more to me and in detail as much as Daniel.


I would recommend their services to anyone as I have 100% trust in their camp abilities in any situation.

Melissa, 30 April 2018

Emailed a public 'thank you' to 2 of our officers who cared for her daughter.
Daughters name removed from post and substituted with 'she'



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